New Bill Could Help Bring Back Madera Hospital in CA

 A new bill that will soon be introduced to the California State Assembly may provide new life to the Madera Community Hospital which was closed in December.

Assembly Bill 412 would provide emergency loans to hospitals at risk of closing or already closing.

Assemblywoman Esmerelda Soria introduced the bill, saying it could help get Madera Community Hospital back on its feet, reports  

The hospital remains vacant after closing its doors on Dec. 30.

The hospital filed for bankruptcy in March and is waiting for help to reopen. The closure added precious minutes to travel for those seeking life-saving services.

“I introduced this bill back in February we would be creating the first emergency loan program for distressed hospitals or hospitals that have closed but have a plan to reopen,” said Soria.

She says the bill would secure funds from the California state budget.

Madera Community Hospital already has $5 million secured in the budget, but before the hospital can receive funds, it must show proof that it can get out of the red and into the black. Read more.

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