Dee for Dentist Acquires Las Vegas Dentistry

Dee for Dentist, a state-of-the-art dental practice embracing groundbreaking technological innovations and techniques to treat and manage oral care, acquired Las Vegas Dentistry, marking the second brick-and-mortar practice owned by Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin.

“With our original practice located in the Silverado Ranch area of Las Vegas, we are excited to acquire a second office that is centrally located to better serve patients across the valley,” said Dr. Meevasin.

The former Las Vegas Dentistry practice features 2,800 square feet of space and six patient rooms. Dee for Dentist is expanding treatment options at this location to include dental technology services such as the Solea Laser for anesthesia-free cavity fillings and snoring therapy, digitally guided dental implantology, and 3D printed appliances. The practice has two dentists and a dental hygienist on staff. Read more

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